Next Gen Acquisitions

Helix, with our founding core investment partners had a common goal in creating our investment company. The mission was to create an opportunity for our next generation family members (Next Gen) for future wealth and success in real estate. Each entity we form has the name “Next Gen” to honor our future generations and remind us as to why we do what we do.

Investment Strategy

Helix continues to focus on value-add real property identifying unrealized potential and bringing a new vision to repurpose the assets. Sometimes the “story” of a property is a result of troubled owners, deferred capital projects, poor management or large vacancies. Each story comes with it’s own set of opportunities for our group and we continue to be conservative in our underwriting and prioritizing opportunities with multiple exit strategies.

Helix values an appropriate risk/reward balance based on our investment objectives of our investors. We focus on finding low risk investment opportunities with significant upside potential. We provide a niche solution that is creative and unique to achieve maximum success.

Alignment of interests

Helix co-invests in each deal to ensure our alignment is consistent with our investor’s goals. Incentives are aligned to ensure maximum yield to our investors as we are side-by-side in the success.